How to apply for PalFish- The insider’s guide.

I’m Monique Sayers, I’m a teacher who works for PalFish. I first started on a trip in Hawaii in 2018 and I’ve been going ever since.
I have put together this guide to help you navigate your way through the application process. I’m not here to persuade you to apply or not. I can say from my own experience that they have been awesome for me.

Why PalFish?

PalFish allows you to work like a business, they provide you with an interactive platform where you can post moments, create courses, a reading room and lives which allows students to get to see you and potentially book a trial. Added to this, PalFish attracts students for you, and you’re paid as well at full price. My top tip is what you put in you will get back. PalFish is an APP that runs as an Algorithm where by making regular posts and sharing with other teachers you can get boosted. So, if you decide to join PalFish, give it 100 percent and see what happens for you!!
I will explain more about PalFish Official Kids Course throughout this overview which will explain the eligibility criteria and how to apply. Also if you click this link to apply, it’s my personal invite code and I will be able to track your progress and give you one-one support. Keep reading though as there are lot’s of tips here to know before you launch in to apply.

Who’s Eligible to apply?

Native Speakers with a passport from the following countries.
1. Australia
2. UK
3. USA
4. Canada
5. New Zealand
6. Ireland

What if I’m not from these countries?

PalFish also has an option to apply as a teacher for their Free Talk where you can be non-native. However recently due to many people applying, they are not currently recruiting for Free Talk. So, I suggest you apply to another company or try some freelancing on sites such as PrePly.
If you are from the Philippines, there is an Official Kids Course program that you can apply to Click this link here, as otherwise your application will be rejected if you’re applying for the native speaker course.

Do I need a degree or certificate?

Yes! A requirement is a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate. A degree is not required. You will be asked as part of the application to upload your certificates, so if you are not yet certified you will be rejected. However, the good news is that you can study a TEFL certificate for 120 hours and receive the training that you need to become an online English teacher. If you don’t know what TEFL is, you can refer to the article I wrote all about TEFL to give you a thorough explanation or click here to read about a course.

What hours am I required to work?

The peak times for classes are between 5pm-10pm Beijing Time Monday to Friday. The weekends from 9am-9pm Beijing Time. Classes run every 30 minutes for a duration of 25-27 minutes. I tend to teach 27minutes to give my students more value. You are expected to have at least 5 slots during these peak times and 10 hours per week.

How about the students and curriculum?

You will be teaching just one student per class on an interactive touch screen program with all the slides and scripts prepared for you. There are lots of songs, games and interactive filters already built in. The student’s level of English is already pre-determined however if it doesn’t  match the level it can be changed to higher or lower for the best learning outcome. Here is a picture of me teaching using one of the AR Filters.

What’s the salary and how are you paid?

Each lesson you are paid 50 Chinese Yuan, which is approx. $14 USD for 30 minutes. The great thing is you’re paid this rate whether it’s a trial or an Official Kids Course. You are even paid at half pay if a student is booked but doesn’t show up. Perhaps this rate may change if you’re reading this beyond 2020.
Also, there are bonuses and points you can receive to make you monthly salary higher for example not being late, having at least 8 “Hot” times open on your schedule during peak time in China, perfect attendance and many other themed bonuses that change monthly.
Equally if you are late or absent to class or do not cancel a class there are also penalties in place. It’s not crazy prices but something to watch and it’s also not showing good work ethic to be doing any of these activities. Their official handbook will explain more.
You will be paid every month either into a Payoneer account or bank account, you can track your pay each shift through your PalFish wallet.

What are the requirements?

The requirements teach the Official Kids Course from the PalFish website are as follows:
My personal reflection about their requirements are that whilst it states ten hours per week, you can have a very flexible schedule. You can open and close your calendar as much as required, however you must give 24 hours’ notice if you have a booking, You can be booked ahead of time or take urgent booking that’s pop up even on the spot, if you want of course. Once you get regular students your calendar will be more full.
Also, when applying I suggest you talk about yourself as teacher, even if it’s your first teaching role!! You after are already a teacher if you have had some teaching experience during your TEFL course. If you would like to gain more experience as a TEFL teacher, you could always volunteer for an English-Speaking Club or post your services online in exchange for a reference. You can refer to yourself as a teacher, such “Ms Sayers” or “Teacher John” to gain some authority, your students will expect you to have a title such as this.

What about technology?

PalFish unlike many other teaching companies is an APP which can download from the APP store.
You will need:
• A compatible iOS or Android phone/tablet
• The PalFish iOS/Android app downloaded to their device
• Stable WIFI connection
• Earphones with Microphone
Also, if your device is older it may not work, although I’m not currently with the latest iOS and I’m doing fine.

How to apply:

I guess if you’re still reading you’re keen to apply. So, the next steps are dedicated to showing you how to apply.
• First up, If you’re keen to apply you can click this link
• A page will appear that asks for your phone number.

• Enter it and then go to the app store.
• Go to the app store and download the teacher app (not student’s)
• Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad
• Google Play for Android
• Please enter the invitation code: 45245456 in your PalFish teacher app.
Yes, PalFish teacher can refer friends and receive a commission. It’s another perk for being at PalFish which of course once you join us you will receive too. No body is taking anything from you. It’s a bonus we get for helping PalFish to get quality candidates. Also I will happily be answer all your questions and making sure you get through the interview process!!!

The unofficial requirements:

I know you may be keen to apply but read these tips before going any further.
Whilst this article has focused on the official requirements, I want to share some of my own personal tips with you. If you are going to apply you can read this for some general tips but then please see “The Un-Official PalFish Application Guide” for an in-depth information to pass your application process easily!!! You can find this guide by writing to me on my website or through Face Book page Teachers Safari.
1. Wear blue for the interview and your profile photo (as it’s the official uniform).If you don’t have blue, do not worry, I just found it makes you look like you’re already part of the PalFish team. I personally didn’t wear blue and I still made it through, but I think every little detail helps!!
2. If can, print a PalFish Logo, like this one, and put it on your wall. Once you begin with PalFish It’s a requirement anyhow. I actually didn’t have a printer when I applied, so  I handmade mine!

3. Decorate your classroom!! When I say “your classroom” I mean a wall! Make some posters or drawing that are colourful or fun!!! Or if you don’t want to draw you could use a kid’s sheet and hang it? They look colourful and children love them!!Once your working for PalFish being creative is part of the job, as we are always making props or different things for the children.
You can see my backdrop is simple, but the children love it. I’m not dressed in blue here and my backdrop is not in great alignment, but I wanted to show you a hand made backdrop.
4. Use toys, flash cards or props to make you lessons fun!!!
5. Learn about Total Physical Respond- It’s acting!! I will share more info once you’ve signed up.
6. Make your name/Avatar in interesting and professional, add emojis to everything! Like Mr Jones 😊 or Teacher Liz 🐠🐟
7. When u asked to upload your profile details, write everything in simple language with lots of emojis. Remember it’s your students and parent that will read your profile. Keep it simple. Here’s an example of my profile.

8. Make sure all your photos on your profile and professional and interesting for children. Examples include images of cute animals, you are teaching in your classroom, your favourite hobby, anything related to teaching, nothing related to skimpy clothing or partying etc. 
9. When recording your voice, speak clearly and slowly!!Use simple sentences and be inviting. I mean say something like “I look forward to teaching you” or “I can’t wait to speak English with you”.
10. Smile, have fun and be authentic,

What should I do next to apply?

Once you have downloaded the PalFish App and entered your phone number, it will ask you for your TEFL certificate, a photo and to populate some information for you. Remember to make the profile fun and simple for students and parents to read. Please reach out and I will support you.

What if I don’t make it through?

There are so many students in the world that need a teacher just like you you!! You can try out for some other roles, offer your services as a private tutor, keep checking the growing Teacher Safari’s jobs board and Teachers Safari Facebook Group. Don’t limit yourself, join as many TEFL groups as you can and keep posting that you’re looking for work and keep applying for as many roles as you can. Something is going to come for you!!
Final note: I love working for PalFish. If you have any more questions about the process, I would love to answer them, comment below or enter your name on this website, and I can reply via email.

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