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A primary school teacher, TEFL/TESOL teacher, a mama, avid traveller and entrepreneur. I’m an unshakable optimist dedicated to serving both teachers and students to help learn, grow and connect together across the globe.

About Teachers Safari

I’m Monique Sayers, the founder of Teachers Safari. Safari in Swahili means to journey or to travel. I’ve been teaching since 2010 and travelling the world most of my life, so this name feels in alignment with my mission. I still remember being on safari in Africa saying “hello” to children there and knowing it was my purpose to serve them and any student who wants to learn English. I obtained a Bachelor of Education and an Advanced TEFL/TESOL Diploma and haven’t looked back. I love teaching so much. I’ve taught everywhere! In 2020, I felt a calling to help other teachers to achieve their dream of teaching TEFL and also to offer my services to students. Please read more for a more detailed life story

About Monique

I’m Australian born but I think of myself as a citizen of the world. I’ve spent most of my life living and working in different countries. I’m currently between Bali, Uruguay and my birth land Australia with my husband and daughter.
I was 25 when I felt the calling to help children with English. I was travelling on a safari in Africa and some children were just super excited to say “hello” to us all. I knew it was life’s mission to serve them.

I studied to be a Primary School teacher at UTS Sydney and specialised in TEFOL. My first experience of TEFL teaching was to children in Kunming China. I did a university practicum there for 2 weeks and we taught 40 children in one room at a local school. It felt like a teacher boot camp as us uni students all gathered together each night making props and flashcards, so much fun!

Next I landed a full-blown career as Training Consultant for ASX top 500 companies in Sydney. I enjoyed teaching Adults in this luxurious time, but I knew I needed to teach in schools. I was needed there!
I studied my TEFL/TESOL Advanced Diploma, then moved to Bali, my favourite place on Earth! I was an Exchange Student in Indonesia, so I know how it feels to learn another language. Just like someone who’s learning English could feel.
I was so lucky to work for English First in Bali, teaching beginners through to adults in their classrooms and online. I taught business English to top companies there like the Hard Rock Café and Blackberry Mobile. I also gave lessons to Orphans in Bali from time to time as a volunteer. I then moved on to teaching at an International School Grade one and Grade two. It’s amazing to have your own class to manage and connect with. To live abroad in Bali and be totally immersed in island culture, was my total dream life.
I followed my dreams of travel, service and teaching. Little did I know that life was about to change for ever. I met my husband in Bali at Uluwatu Beach. In 2017 we had our baby Coral in Australia.

I have been teaching in Primary schools across Australia since 2010, as contract teacher which I love as I’m always with different aged students and classes. I teach there whenever I’m not travelling the world. I’ve also worked for PalFish as a TEFL teacher since 2018 and I’ve also had different freelance teaching opportunities. It’s load of fun! I encourage anyone to step into their life’s mission as from this place of true service is where dreams come to life! Teachers Safari has been created as part of my life’s mission. I felt a desire to create if for a whole year, but didn’t know how. I found some awesome mentors and training in Digital Marketing and Mindset who helped me set this business up to inspire you. I wish you happiness in being a teacher or fulfilled in whatever path you choose!

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